Friday’s Round Up – September 14, 2012

Racism in the Books We Write by Justine Labalestier – As a writer you are always learning and always bettering your craft. Listen to your critics as much as your fans.
Research and the Art of Eavesdropping 

Does the Future of Publishing Need More Imagination by Jeff Vandemeer
Millennials Buy More Books Than Everybody Else
Razorbill UK Buys ‘New Adult’ Star – Self-published author signs with publisher Razorbill UK
Author Launches Grassroots Campaign to Promote New Novel - It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to marketing your book. Take an active role in your own marketing and let your fans do the same.  
Is an ebook price war coming up?  Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins all settled in the lawsuit over agency pricing and have severed their agreements with Apple.  Now ebooksellers (who are we kidding, Amazon) can set pricing at whatever price they want.  How will this affect ebook competition and demand?

Book Reviews are in the News…
Is This Book Bad, or Is It Just Me? The Anatomy of Book Reviews by Darryl Campbell
RJ Ellory, Crime Writer Who Faked His Own Glowing Reviews
Book Reviewers for Hire Meet a Demand for Online Reviews – Do writers lose more than they gain when paying for praise? Do they break their readers’ trust by paying for reviews?
Ethical Roulette by Joe Konrath – A different look at the author review issue

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